Take Action 

Kansas needs immediate medical marijuana reform. Everyday Kansans needlessly suffer from the side effects of prescriptions drugs. Opioids have addicted thousands becoming a real gateway drug to heroin. And yet the sick in Kansas are still being arrested for safe and effective medicine available legally to our neighbors on our west, south, east, and 33 other states. This comprehensive, compassionate marijuana policy would give a doctor and patient the ability to decide their own course of treatment, create a reliable medicinal option for addiction recovery, and prevent the cruel, senseless imprisonment of seriously ill Kansas patients for use of a therapeutic plant that’s proven to be safe. Marijuana has been shown to lower the use of opioids and other medications for pain and symptom management of a variety of ailments.

Kansas needs to move past the propaganda, recognize the research and allow access to this safe and effective medicine because for patients, everyday counts. Please sign our petition calling on Kansas legislators to pass a medical marijuana bill in 2021.

Please note, this is not a letter campaign and all signatures will be delivered to the signer’s specific state representative and senator personally by a member of Kansas NORML.

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